Sokany Healthy Air Fryer 5l


Sokany Air Fryer prepares your meals using rapid air technology which results in healthier frying.

Temperature ranges from 80 to 200 degrees Celsius. This makes it easy to select a suitable temperature and time for each type of food.

It is easy to clean when not in use due to its high-quality non-stick material. Modern design, ensuring safety for users. Sokany air fryer can be used to fry chicken, duck, shrimp, crab, fish, ribs, kebabs, French fries, fried beans e. t. c. Minimize the amount of fat in the body, limit obesity and other cardiovascular diseases by reducing oil intake by up to 80%.

The technology circulates hot air at high speed and evenly throughout the pot, helping food to be cooked evenly, crispy and with fresh color. It can bake and fry food with the amount of grease available in food, creating a healthy dish. the outer shell is made of low heat transfer plastic, which effectively helps to combat heat, helps frying / baking large amounts of food at once.