Mr Steel Food Processor 6l


If you’re looking for a great yam pounder, Mr Steel Food Processor is excellent for making pounded yam, pounded plantain, fufu, cocoyam, tiger nuts, minced meat and any dry grinder for a large number of family and friends.

FAST & EFFICIENT – 1000W mini-food chopper lets you mix, blend, mince, chop and purée ingredients at the touch of a button. Perfect for meat, fruit, vegetables, baby food, nuts, seeds and more.

2 SPEEDS – simply press down one of two buttons for the speed you need; the slower setting is best for dicing and slicing ingredients, while the faster setting is perfect for pureeing and blending

STAINLESS STEEL BLADES – sharp bi-level blades easily blitz through ingredients and offer long-lasting performance

ADDED SAFETY – non-slip silicone coaster offers added stability while chopping, while thermal protection prevents the motor overheating. Hand wash only

Easy to clean and convenient: Wash the Bowl easily in the dishwasher or wash them by hand,all attachments are dishwasher safe.it also SAVING YOU TIME AND HASSLE which makes preparing a recipe or snacks effortless and quick.

Rated voltage: 220V

Case material: 304 stainless steel case

Mixing bucket: 304 stainless steel mixing bucket

Capacity: 6L (approximately 2kg of meat can be twisted at a time)

Overheat protection: overheating automatic power failure protection

Blade: double-layer four-dimensional 420 stainless steel knife

Gear material: 304 stainless steel gear

Bearing: 304 stainless steel positioning shaft

Gear/power: fast and slow double speed control, fast gear 1000W, slow gear 500W

Note: The motor is equipped with an overheat protection device. When the motor overheats, it will cut off the power to protect the motor and prolong its service life.